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If you’re anything like the rest of us, you spend a lot of time in Salesforce waiting for related items to load, or scrolling through list views and searching for answers in your reports.

Try these four GridBuddy features to resolve those challenges:

  1. Conditional formatting
  2. Data card
  3. Freeze columns
  4. Flat view

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Conditional Formatting

Format your data with conditional formatting so that important values in your grid visually pop out at you. Apply specific conditions to any fields in your grid, and your rules will be applied to fields that meet the criteria before you even click ‘save’.

Apply conditional formatting to your grid to get a visual queue the minute a field meets your criteria.

Data Cards 

Enable the Data Cards feature so that you can keep lower priority fields in your grid without extending its horizontal width. Place top priority fields across the top of your grid, and put all the nice-to-have fields in the Data Card area beneath each record. You can expand or collapse the Data Card to view or hide these fields. This is especially useful for a mobile grid, where horizontal real estate is critical. 

Use Data Cards to place additional nice-to-have fields without extending the width of your grid

Freeze Columns

If you end up with a too-wide grid, you can freeze as many columns as you like so that as you scroll to the right, your end-users continue to see the frozen columns.  

Freeze columns in your grid to keep them visible as you scroll.

Flat View

With flat view, you can combine fields from related and unrelated objects into a single grid row. This allows you to see and edit two objects in one row. Flat view can save you time and clicks, since you no longer need to expand your grid to edit or view the child object fields.

Flatten child fields into your parent grid, to edit them alongside your parent fields.

Learn about other GridBuddy features from our YouTube Channel, or contact us for a custom demo. We’d love to hear from you.

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