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Validity Acquires AppBuddy

● The #1 customer data quality provider and leading B2B grid application vendor come together to dramatically boost growth potential from data for customers ● Combination accelerates Validity’s growth opportunities for sales and marketing buyers in a $260B market ●...

Introducing AppBuddy Cloud for Channel Sales

How AppBuddy Cloud Empowers Channel Sales At AppBuddy, our mission is to help employees become more productive in their everyday work. For our users, that means streamlining complex CRM processes so they can quickly see, update, and report on their business data. For...

Make Changes To Your CRM Process

There comes a point in every organization where CRM processes become antiquated. Endless clicking around to complete daily work can cause user frustration, negatively affect data quality, and impact downstream functions as a result. As your company and employees grow...

Find The Right Data In Your CRM

According to Salesforce, CRM applications can help increase sales up to 29, sales productivity by up to 34, and forecast accuracy by 42—but that’s only if you can get the right data into your CRM, complete your CRM work quickly, and find what you’re looking for when...

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