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Simplifying data communications between vendors and resellers because ineffective data sharing means bad forecasting and bad pipline management

View and update integrated data across multiple CRMs in a single screen

AppBuddy Cloud for Vendors

Communication problems between vendors and resellers are nothing new.

Vendor Challenges

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Double data entry from messy reports leading to inadequate forecasting
  • Data spread out across emails, texts, and phone calls
  • Siloed data in separate CRMs creating lost revenue opportunities

The AppBuddy Vendor Solution

Streamline Channel Revenue Forecasting and Partner Communication

  • Save time with a simplified, streamlined approval process
  • Get accurate forecasts from resellers anytime
  • Improve pipeline management
  • Track data to identify top-selling partners and ensure more leads get passed to them
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • And more …

AppBuddy Cloud for Resellers

Communication problems between vendors and resellers are nothing new.

Reseller Challenges

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Wasted time and money caused by dual data entry across two CRMs
  • Increased risk of data errors
  • Frustration caused by a time-consuming lead registration process that must be done entirely within the vendor’s CRM

The AppBuddy Cloud Reseller Solution

Opportunity Management

  • Use powerful inline editing to make quick updates to multiple opportunities at once
  • Easily identify the differences between your opportunity data and the vendor’s opportunities
  • Apply your own information to vendor opportunities without double entering data
  • See changes instantly to both the reseller’s and the vendor’s CRMs

Streamlined simplicity with grids

  • Enter data once and have it submitted to both CRMs

Lead Management

  • Accept/assign leads directly into the CRM and it instantly goes into the vendor’s CRM

Deal Registration

  • Register deal opportunities with vendors directly from their own CRM

The AppBuddy Cloud Solution for Channel Sales

AppBuddy Cloud creates a repeatable, scalable solution where resellers can update leads, register opportunities and manage pipeline data across both their internal CRM and the vendor’s CRM within a single integrated view. All the data you need in a single place.

Increase productivity 5x-10x

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