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Customer 360

Customer 360

Manage every step of the customer lifecycle from a single screen. Bridge gaps between departments and increase collaboration. Finally, the clarity your team needs to give customers the experience they deserve.

Customer Success

Manage handoffs, customer health, and renewals from a single, actionable screen. Create custom manager and team workspaces. Call attention to risk and make it easy for customer teams to keep account information up to date.

Account Planning & Management

Keep account planning in your CRM and make updating account information quick and painless—so your team is prepared for weekly planning meetings. Users can see all the related data they need in one actionable view, including account hierarchy, accounts with contacts, and leads.

Case Management

Bring all information you need for case management into a single screen, so your team can respond to customer needs faster. Enable users to efficiently and rapidly cross-reference custom or standard objects—such as opportunities—with cases, all within one grid.

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