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Effortless Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management

Download a Complete Guide to Forecasting & Pipeline Management for 2019 with Tips from Top Sales Executives

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Make Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management Easier

A Complete Guide to Forecasting and Pipeline Management for 2019

We interviewed sales leaders, from small business executives to vice presidents at high tech software empires, to learn about the 7 most effective habits for better managing their sales pipeline and more accurately predicting forecast. Learn how to:

  • Build a culture of accountability.
  • Increase customer data visibility.
  • Improve data accuracy and more…

BONUS – Overcome the Four Challenges to a Successful CRM.

AppBuddy gives sales teams the powerful workspace they need to realize revenue faster. AppBuddy is the only application that allows any user to create a completely customized Salesforce experience for streamlined pipeline management and forecasting—without a single line of code.

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"We started with just a few folks on the GridBuddy and now are extending it to a whole department and upgrading to the unlimited version. This product saves hours of work for many folks in our organization."

Sonia Detels
Sr. IT Business Relationship Manager at Calix Networks

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"GridBuddy has been a game changer for us. All of our salespeople—reps, managers, and executives—have real-time, reliable access to accurate account information and the insights they need to close bigger deals, faster."

Michael Speer
Programmer and Analyst at Giant Eagle

Learn how Steven Cox and his sales team at NetApp use AppBuddy to improve customer satisfaction and data accuracy while also keeping its Salesforce users happy.

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