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AppBuddy for High Tech

Manage the entire customer lifecycle from a single workspace inside Salesforce.
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High Tech Solution

Adapt and scale CRM processes at the same pace as your rapidly growing business. From “lead” to “customer” and beyond, AppBuddy makes it easy to see and update pipeline and customer data in one workspace. That means happy customer teams, better business insights, and accelerated time to revenue.

One workspace – any process

Manage pipeline, forecasts, subscriptions, products, and billing info directly in Salesforce.

Opportunity Management

Lead to Cash

Renewals Management


No workarounds. No spreadsheets.

The Proof

“If you want to accelerate the productivity of your sales team, you need to install Appbuddy Cloud. The app is solid and provides a single easy-to-use interface for all your C4C users. A simple use case is to have a simple opportunity edit view where reps can easily update all their open opportunities on one page. You can also use this for custom objects where you are building a new business process. Use the Appbuddy view as your main user experience and all you have to do is create the object and fields and configure the view. Then you are ready to go. I highly recommend the product and the company that creates it.”

Steven Cox - NetApp
Steven Cox

Manager of Global Sales Tools StrategyNetApp


Conditional Formatting

Mass Update

Inline Editing

Advanced Filtering

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