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Lead to Cash Processes

Lead to Cash Processes

Manage leads, campaigns, and renewal processes up to 5 times faster—and streamline your Apptus or Steelbrick CPQ workflows—all while making your data more actionable from a single screen.

Lead & Campaign Management

Make it easy to cross reference leads and contacts in a single grid so you can quickly scrub and eliminate duplicate entries. Anyone in your sales organization or marketing ops team can quickly edit data, and then assign leads and contacts to campaigns. Clean and properly assigned leads makes for faster lead distribution and quicker sales follow up.

Renewals Management

Save time and improve renewal consistency with a structured process to show upcoming renewals and all the data related to processing those renewals from one screen. Manage all renewals, overcome system limitations and complexity, and deliver more revenue.

Configure Price Quote

Eliminate the hours teams typically spend clicking in and out of pages, trying to edit and view quote information such as billing details, start/end dates, product details, etc. Quickly edit frequently used quote lines directly from the opportunity page. Users can edit or mass update dozens of agreement line Items from a single screen.

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