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A Better Way to Work with Your Data

Work with complex data sets across multiple objects and see everything in a single view. Create easily to configure spreadsheet-like workspaces where anyone can quickly create, mass update, and delete records without clicking around multiple screens.

Drive Adoption & Improve Data Accuracy

Ensure accurate data gets into your CRM by increasing user adoption, simplifying data entry processes, and managing complex workflows from a single screen – all while reducing training time and expenses.

Your Data – Accessed from One Screen

Minimize development costs with point-and-click grid configuration so every user has access to the data they need from a single screen. All without data migration or complex syncing.

Complete Work 5-10 Times Faster

Reduce clicks and improve productivity for any use case – save hours of data entry for each user with fewer clicks and page loads. Give your users exactly the data they need when they need it, so they can best serve customers at each touch point.

Ready to Streamline Sales Processes?

One Interface – Countless Benefits

The features you need to accelerate revenue

Conditional Formatting

Set predefined rules and easily configurable color coding to draw attention to your most urgent records for any user.

Charts, Grouping, and Summaries

Quickly summarize and group data to surface key inforamtion to the top of your data set, and visualize aggregate data with informative charts that update with edits made in real-time.

Advanced Filtering

Quickly sort and filter the exact information for any user or use case across multiple objects at the same time. Access filters from different widgets which range from simple to advanced depending on your user need. Filter data in URL parameters.

Inline Editing and Bulk Editing

Save time and reduce clicks with efficient inline editing functionality and bulk actions and mass update against any data in the workspace.

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