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A collection of resources for sales and business leaders, operations managers, solution architects, and IT admins.

Case Studies


With the help of GridBuddy’s Account Planning solution, Adobe standardizes its account planning process using a structured format inside Salesforce, and reps follow this process reliably to increase deal visibility and sales effectiveness throughout the sales organization.

Giant Eagle

GridBuddy helps Giant Eagle, one of the nation’s largest food retailers and distributors, reduce the time it takes to manage high volumes of Case related data.


GridBuddy helps Intelsat, the leading provider of satellite services worldwide, to make better decisions in complex sales cycles through improved data quality.

Data Sheets

GridBuddy Overview

GridBuddy eliminates costly clicks and multiple page views, enabling Salesforce® users to see data in one spot and efficiently manage it and act on it within any step in the customer life cycle, from lead, to cash, and beyond.

AppBuddy Cloud Overview

Delivering business processes across an enterprise involves multiple applications, data, functions and people. None of these are typically connected in ways that allow the business to deliver what its users really need. Too much is spent on labor-intensive workarounds or custom IT development. Until now.

Pipeline and Forecasting Management Guide

As the modern sales landscape grows increasingly complex—from artificial intelligence and automation—to comprehensive sales stack solutions and terabytes upon terabytes of customer data—one thing remains constant:

Pipeline management and sales forecasting is still at the very core of everything we do in sales. They’re the fundamental processes of any successful organization. Download the guide to learn more. 

GridBuddy Editable Forecast View

Visualize groupings in a matrix-style report showing the totals of each grouping and category—and edit records from any object—even unrelated or custom—without leaving your workspace.

GridBuddy For CPQ

Take the heavy lifting out of managing quotes, subscriptions, and renewals with GridBuddy for CPQ. Our fexible workspace lets you view and edit more information in less time, so you can spend more time selling.

GridBuddy for Public Sector

GridBuddy helps government organizations create repeatable, scaleable CRM solutions without custom code, ultimately increasing productivity.

Transition to Salesforce Lightning

GridBuddy helps ease Lightning migration challenges, while simultaneously supporting Classic and Lightning Experience®.

SDR Workspace

This highly efficient SDR workspace within Salesforce tightens qualified lead generation, improves the qualification process, speeds up data entry, and creates airtight SDR to sales handoffs.

AppBuddy Professional Services

Maximize the value of your investment with our professional services. Our Essentials Package will quick-start your deployment to achieve a more complete implementation and begin seeing results faster.


Lightning Migration

5 ways to make your Salesforce® Lightning transition easier.

7 Deadly Sins of Account Planning

Seven signs your account planning strategy is bound for failure.


SAP Sapphire Now 2018

Klara Young, Dir. of Strategic Alliances, AppBuddy & Steven Cox, Manager of Global Sales Tools, NetApp, sit down with Lisa Martin at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 in Orlando, FL.

GridBuddy Demo Jam with Salesforce AppExchange

Detailed overview of GridBuddy with the Salesforce AppExchange team and Evan Michalski of AppBuddy.

Using GridBuddy for Related Lists in Lightning Experience

Tracking Adoption with GridBuddy Usage Analytics

Save Time and 5x – 10x Your Salesforce Productivity With GridBuddy

How To Use GridBuddy To Improve Your CPQ Processes

Improve Your CRM Forecast with GridBuddy + Einstein

GridBuddy For Pipeline & Opportunity Management

Using GridBuddy For A 360 Degree Customer View


How to Maximize Salesforce Adoption

Breakthrough the user-adoption barrier. Nana Gregg and Marshall King discuss how to finally get your team to adopt Salesforce and maximize productivity.

How to Streamline Vendor:Reseller Data Management with AppBuddy

Simplify your Vendor/Reseller relationship with seamless collaboration from AppBuddy. Quickly and easily configure AppBuddy grids to support any process. Eliminate redundant data entry. See real-time edits in both vendor and reseller systems immediately.

Supercharge Your Grids: GridBuddy’s Low-Code Extensions

Bring more functionality to your grids with GridBuddy Extensions. Speed up data entry with default field values when creating new records. See and edit 3+ layer hierarchies of complex data all in one screen. Optimize the grid views and valuable screen real estate hiding titles, buttons and other features.

How Houghton Mifflin Streamlined Sales Processes and Ditched Spreadsheets

Join Nicole Kocemba, Senior Business Analyst at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as she shares their story of how they simplified data management and streamlined their sales process.

Simplify Any Salesforce Process: GridBuddy’s 10 Most Popular Features

Join Sophie Krich-Brinton, Customer Success Manager and AppBuddy product expert as she reviews the 10 most popular GridBuddy features and how they can simplify any sales process.

How to Move to Lightning in 60 Days

Join Nana Gregg and Marshall King of JLL as they walk through a seamless way to transition to Salesforce Lightning.

How Streamline Forecasting in Salesforce with GridBuddy Editable Forecast View

Keep forecasting inside Salesforce and eliminate rogue spreadsheets with GridBuddy Editable Forecast View

Overcoming the Four Challenges to a Successful CRM

In this interview-style webinar, Darren Knapp of Slalom Consulting and Anne Simulia of AppBuddy address everyday pain points we hear from our customers. In this webinar you will learn to: Get the right data into your CRM | Complete your daily work faster | Find the data you need when you need it | Make flexible process changes on the fly

Real World Lightning Adoption

See the AppBuddy and Zen Cloud Technologies 30-minute webinar covering the top success factors needed to make a successful transition to Lightning, and how GridBuddy can smooth that transition.

AdRoll’s Secret to Keeping Sales Data Accurate

Find out how AdRoll, the retargeting and prospecting platform of choice for over 25,000 advertisers worldwide, successfully automated many of their manual processes in their customer lifecycle with GridBuddy and Salesforce together.  In this webinar, you will learn AdRoll’s secret recipe for dramatic productivity increases and efficiency gains including:

Solving Salesforce’s Biggest Challenges

Kicking off our Community Webinar series is Pat Cameron, Director of Customer Success, and Marc Aubin, AppBuddy Co-Founder and CEO, for a rare look at how companies struggle to make effective use of their data and how GridBuddy solves that problem.

The Entire Customer Life Cycle in One User Experience

Streamline any business process into single editable views, reducing clicks to accomplish work faster in Salesforce. Tailor the user experience for any user role, geography and/or process Increase productivity by 400 by empowering admins or users in small to enterprise organizations

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