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Webinar: How to Simplify Any Salesforce Process with GridBuddy

Discover the Top 10 Gridbuddy Features for Increasing Productivity in Salesforce

Tired of too many clicks in Salesforce? Want to have a more comprehensive, actionable view of all your data? Already using GridBuddy, but want to learn more ways you can leverage grids?

Watch this free product webinar led by Sophie Krich-Brinton, Customer Success Manager and AppBuddy product expert. See firsthand how you can:

         Manage complex processes in a single place using embedded grids and multi-object views.

         Increase visibility and quality of data with mass updates, bulk actions, and GridBuddy Editable Forecast View.

         Scale any custom business process using out-of-the-box GridBuddy features.

Presenter, Customer Success Manager, AppBuddy

Sophie Krich-Brinton

Host, Senior Marketing Manager, AppBuddy

Meagan DeMenna

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